The 10 best hair care tips

The importance of taking care of one’s crowning glory goes beyond the choices in products and treatments. It takes more than a dollop of shampoo and conditioner to bring out those lustrous locks. With proper maintenance and guidance from the tips below, achieving a healthy head of hair comes easy and fuss-free.

1. Healthy hair starts with a healthy diet.

A well-balanced diet contributes to your hair’s healthy state. The hair follicles absorb vitamins and nutrients from the food we eat, ensuring the steady growth of stronger hair.

2. Wash your hair regularly to eliminate buildup of oil and dirt.

Dust and oil can accumulate in the scalp but regular washing can prevent buildup. Use shampoo and conditioner that is meant for the type of scalp you have. An oily scalp needs a more thorough washing than a dry scalp.

3. Apply conditioner after every shampoo.

Shampoo tends to strip off some of the natural oils that are good for the hair. Conditioners moisturise the hair with special ingredients that are beneficial for both the hair and scalp. Doing this will keep the hair soft and shiny as well.

4. Treat the hair to deep conditioning every week.

Pamper your hair to a deep conditioning treatment every week as therapy for the wear and tear it receives. The constant use of styling products and the exposure to the elements are harsh to hair, leaving it brittle. Deep conditioning the hair will fully moisturise each strand.

5. Never use a brush or fine-toothed comb to wet hair.

The hair is at its weakest state when it’s wet. To help get rid of the tangles after washing, use a wide-toothed comb starting at the ends and slowly working your way up. This technique can prevent the delicate strands from breaking.

6. Use sun protection, not just for the skin, but for the hair as well.

Sweltering temperatures can be detrimental to the hair. Before going to the beach, wash the hair with lots of conditioner to protect it from the sun’s rays. The same procedure can also shield your hair from chlorine found in swimming pools. Wear a hat if you are spending the day outdoors.

7. Protect the hair before using heat-based styling tools.

If you need to use a flat iron or curling iron, apply products that are designed to protect your hair against the heat from these devices. A protective serum can ensure that the hair fibers are not scorched during the process.

8. Gently blot the hair when it’s wet using a microfiber towel.

Rough handling of the hair after washing only results in more tangles. Wet hair dries easily by blotting it with a microfiber towel, which can absorb the wetness quickly.

9. Choose a hairdresser that understands your hair’s needs.

It’s difficult to find a salon with a reputable stylist these days. A professional hairdresser knows what works best for the state of your hair. Be careful, though. Some hairdressers are only interested in recommending endless throngs of products, so it’s better to avoid such stylists and establishments.

10. Drink plenty of water to hydrate your body.

One of the best ways to keep your hair and skin moisturised is by sticking to the recommended daily water intake of eight glasses. Always keep a water bottle handy so you can take a sip anytime.

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