Top 10 Tips for Throwing a Kids Party

  1. Plan well in advance

Don’t try and do everything a week in advance of the date that you want your party on. You need to have sent out invitations at least a month in advance, therefore, booking your venue and entertainer needs to take place before then.

  1. Pick a theme

A party is easier to organize if you pick a theme and connect your decorations, games and food around that theme. It gives you a common thread running through the party and streamlines your thoughts and plans. Pirates and princesses, superheroes, jungle and farmyard are all popular themes.

  1. Put an RSVP date in the invitations

There’s nothing more annoying than planning a party for 12 and then you suddenly have three extras phone the night before and apologize for not letting you know before this point but little Johnny would indeed be coming to the party. Set a date to RSVP and chase parents up after that point. Check out these Kids Party RSVP ideas on Pinterest.

  1. Be strict with the guest list

Whilst your child may like to invite all sixty children in his year group, very few people are in a position to cater for this amount of guests. Give your child a maximum number of attendees and tell him or her to only pick the guests that they want to spend time with.

  1. Book off-peak

Just like school holidays, party providers and venues will usually raise their rates for more popular times and days. So if you must have your party at a weekend, why not try before 11am or after 4pm to make your bill a bit more manageable?

  1. Watch the clock

Try and ensure that your guests are punctual and that the party finishes on time. This will avoid any overtiredness on the part of your smaller guests and impatience on the part of the grown up attendees.

  1. Stick to classic games

There no need to introduce complicated games with numerous rules that end in beldam! Just a round of Pass the Parcel or Musical Chairs will be loved by everyone.

  1. Keep the food simple

The majority of party hosts over cater for their guests with elaborate food and canapés. And, let’s face it, children are happy with a sandwiches, a biscuit, some crisps and a cake or two. Party food is just a way for children to refuel so they can continue playing so there’s no need to make it complicated.

  1. Visit the Pound Shop for party bag ideas

Party bags are the bane of a party hosts life because of the growing one-up-manship that takes place among the children. Step off that treadmill and visit the poundshop for a few ideas. Even just one gift each for the children to go away with is better than a bag stuffed with goodies that has meant you’ve practically had to remortgage your house to provide.

  1. Send thank you cards

Whilst it can be hard to remember or even get round to, after the party is over and forgotten, but try to encourage your child to at least sign some brief thank you cards that you can hand out to those that attended. Good manners go a long way!

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