10 tips to become a better golfer

Do you want to start playing golf? It’s a tough sport. It takes a lot of practice. In this blog you will find 10 practical tips on how to become a better golf player.

  1. Just get up and hit the ball

You won’t learn anything by sitting on your sofa, reading endless books about golf techniques. There’s plenty of time for that when you are honing your skills. In the meantime, get out and start hitting that ball.

  1. Practice makes perfect

Work at the driving range can be very helpful for your golf, but you also need to get out onto the range itself and play as many rounds of golf as you can.

  1. Be competitive

Nothing motivates like a deadline. And we are competitive as part of human nature. Why not sign yourself up for a local tournament and work towards it? It will give you the opportunity to be more disciplined in your practice.

  1. Anchor your foot

One of the best driving tips is to make sure that you anchor your foot and your body behind the ball. You will achieve greater distance to your stroke. Make sure that you anchor the foot behind the ball firmly and don’t lift it too soon.

  1. Let the club do the work

Focus on letting the club hit the ball in the centre and maintain control over your swing. Never rush the shot. Work on mastering controlling your swing and letting the club take the strain and then you can increase power after that.

  1. Relax your muscles and grip

Tension is the sworn enemy of the golf swing! Try to relax and release the tension before you pick up a golf club, otherwise your grip will be too tight. And never use your tension to whack a ball at 100% – you should never hit at more than 80%, even for the longest holes.

  1. Keep fit and warm up

Remember that golf is a sport. If you go in cold then you will be likely to strain yourself and sustain injury. Try to keep yourself at a good level of physical fitness and always do some stretches before you pick up your golf club.

  1. Develop a positive mindset

Very rarely will everything come together at exactly the same time for you: the perfect weather, perfect stroke, balanced ball and perfect putting. So accept this and have a great attitude about it. Shrug your shoulders and try again!

  1. Buy good quality balls

You should always play with the most expensive equipment that you can afford. However, clubs can be extortionately expensive, so as a very basic make sure that you have top quality balls to play with. They will have a better balance and help your driving more.

  1. Think about your posture

Make sure that you carry your relaxed grip through to your posture too. Remember that the torso rotation is an important part of your swing. Don’t swing from your arms and wrists – the power comes from your hips.

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