Top 10 Tips For Getting a Cheap Holiday

There is an art to getting that cheap holiday, whenever you speak to someone about their holiday they always love to tell you what a bargain it was and how little they paid or how clever they were at booking it. Well here are the ten top tips on how to book that cheap holiday.

  1. Always be flexible about the date you can travel. Don’t restrict yourself to going on one date. Be able to travel two or three days either side of your first choice of date
  2. If you can avoid peak season dates such as Christmas & New Year, Easter, the start of school holidays and half terms. These dates are popular and a holiday is sold like any other commodity the more in demand it is the more expensive it will be
  3. If you can book at the last minute. Operators, hotels and airlines become keener to sell space that is left at the last minute and one of the only ways to achieve this is by reducing the price
  4. Book an all-inclusive deal. Although they may seem a little more expensive than the half board option initially, you can get so much more for your money that your total holiday costs can be significantly reduced. Often these holidays, if booked at the last minute can be great value. If you enjoy eating drinking and water sports it makes sense to go all-inclusive
  5. Avoid traveling to places with the Euro. If you live in a sterling based economy you will find visiting a Euro based Country expensive due to the current rates of exchange. Visit Turkey, Tunisia or Croatia
  6. If you have to travel to Europe avoid some of the traditional Countries like Spain and Greece regardless of the Euro the prices of things like drink and food has shot up in the last couple of years. If you have to go there go all-inclusive. Think Bulgaria, Portugal or France
  7. If there is a choice of flights choose the night flight these will be cheaper than the day flights
  8. Share a room with a friend this means the cost of the room is split two ways not one. If you travel with children have them in the same room as you
  9. Use the regional airports they are cheaper to fly from than the main ones and also to park your car is often a lot less and so are things at the airport
  10. Collect points and miles with loyalty schemes and redeem these against the cost of your flights or hotels – don’t forget you have them keep a record of them

If you are looking for a cheap holiday follow this advice and it could be you telling someone about the bargain you have got.

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